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    None of the cloud profiles I tried allow G3D even if they say they do, are there any options for G3D with current versions?

    VRG, the native VR mod for DRG, is not crossplay compatible while DRG+Vorpx is, so how can I get G3D working?


    I don’t have this game so probably not the best to reply, but I have experienced this with other games in the past (no G3D when stated in profile).
    Have you tried switching to Vorpx’s “Alternative hooking” via the Vorpx config app ?

    If you have already tried that and it is no different, ..

    DRG uses UE4 (
    You could try using/copying from local DB or downloading different game profiles that are specifically for other “Unreal Engine 4” games. You will likely find a few others that offer G3D.
    You will likely need to tweak a little to get it right, but it is usually a good starting point.


    You could just use the full DRG VR mod


    Try JeepingJohnny Profile I just made it based off a Sea Of Thieves profile. Works 100% G3D.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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