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    As title, pressing del key doesn’t show the vorpx config menu in game.

    Game is fsx (non-steam), os windows 7 64bit, latest vorpx version.

    Other vorpx keys function ok such as middle mouse button for edgepeek.

    In other games i.e. arma, delete key shows the vorpx config menu.

    The game didn’t appear to be in 3d (judging by the look of the cockpit).

    Any ideas?


    also: i’ve tried pressing delete key gently/quickly, i’ve tried remapping the vorpx menu key to something else, no luck


    more info:

    it is in 3d, headtracking doesn’t work, used fsxrift.exe which allowed me to look around and could see it was in 3d.

    when delete key is pressed, the vorpx menu appears on my main monitor.

    no mouse cursor when in flight, only the vorpx cursor on my main monitor. pressing alt+c to toggle off the vorpx cursor removed the vorpx cursor but didn’t make the in game mouse cursor appear. it introduced a graphical glitch into the right hand screen of the rift.

    disappointed by this as FSX is on the vorpx game supported list.

    i’m have no alternative but to purchase tri-def, i know their driver works with fsx due to having a trial with it.


    Same problem here , it’s listed on the supported list but no useable with NO ingame mouse

    already stated this but no response on my request


    Is there a support / ticket based system that us vorpx users can use?

    Im generally pleased with vorpx, works with arma (tridef did not). FSX headtracking with vorpx probably does work if the correct key is pressed in game. I think some problems might be due to not knowing the actual game i’m playing ie it’s keys etc.

    It’s definitely worth getting familiar with a game before trying to play it with these 3d drivers like vorpx.

    FSX, for me, is better with tridef at the moment.


    Perseverance! after messing about a bit, vorpx is giving much better, playable, results with fsx.

    But no mouse cursor when in flight so no clickable cockpit.


    For a clickable cockpit – begin flight in full screen, then go to window mode with alt+ent, note now you have a cursor, then alt+ent again back to fullscreen and you still have a cursor.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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