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    Is there a way to increase depth settings beyond the max setting. Like in rdr2 i can only set it to 3.0 i really want the freedom to increase how much i want.
    (Could not find an amswer on this forum or web)


    There were discussions before here about this, if you push the depth(or others) too high the possibility for glitches will rise and at the end destroy Vorpxs reputation ;)
    Ralf says it makes no sense then it makes no sense hes the guru.


    To say it in a less sarcastic way: Z3D like used in RDR2 has inherent artifacts since after shifting pixels from the original 2D image to create the 3D effect empty spaces have to be filled with pixels from nearby. The way vorpX does that IMO is unmatched, but the current max value still causes quite severe glitches already, so going beyond that doesn’t really make sense.

    Since in many people’s minds game settings apparently always work in a more-is-better-style, which is definitely not the case here, stuff gets cranked up to the max all the time. Hence there is a maximum that – while already slightly beyond what’s reasonable artifact wise – doesn’t make things look totally out of whack.

    Hint: If you happen to have switched to Z-Adaptive, switch back to Z-Normal. Z-Adaptive is great in its own right since it does some auto-focus calculation and gaze sensitize blurring to simulate human vision, but for maximum perceived depth Z-Normal is usually the better choice.

    BTW: The current limit already is 50% higher than it was originally.


    Thanks for the answers ans sorry i didnt searched this forum better.


    The only case where I see it being useful is when you try different profiles on a new game since I assume depth (camera view separation) must be adjustable relative to specific game scale, so on one profile 3.0 would mean eyes are 3 cm apart for example, different profile on the same game would have 0.3 cm.

    Thats just my assumption based on the fact profiles of same engine games when applied to a new game on same engine can both work but one would barely have little bit of 3d effect on max value while another feel amazing on default values already.

    So if anything I’d like an override or a multiplier for custom profiles people make provided things works like I assumed above.


    Oh and BTW @Psychoses if you feel Z3D doesnt feel enough 3D in rdr2 disable MSAA in settings, its killing z3d completely(you might not even have stereo if you feel 3.0 is too low) and secondly use a fov hack provided in the games thread, high fov values really help increase perceived depth effect.


    Thanks bro, i will try that tonight :)


    I have to admit, I crank the 3d to 3.0 every time I use Z3D. It really does look a LOT better than 1.0.
    That said, I don’t really feel I need it much higher than that. But if it was there, I’d probably tinker with it just to see how things look in different situations.
    Ralf, maybe just link the “expert” mode to higher caps, and let people go nuts with a warning. Not for me, but it seems to be requested a bit.


    I would understand G3D, but overdone Z3D is…how do you even play that. Everything in foreground would not be 3D at all but instead have “holos” around them from artifacts.

    When you push Z3D separation too far it has to “fill” pixels where object was and if you push half or even whole object out of its place for each eye (left and right) where it used to be will look like it has glass version of same object and it looks very distracting.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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