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    Depth the shark game runs on G3D and would look fantastic … if some shader bar didn’t spoil this pleasure …
    Could one of you experts test that … ?? … Maybe Ralf himself or Dellrifter … that would be nice … I would be happy …
    3D VR greetings to all VorpX Fans .. !!


    I can’t speak for the experts, but I’d suggest that if you want someone to look at then you need to specify which profile you’re using for the game. “Runs on G3D” doesn’t mean very much.


    I took some unreal 3 profile, unfortunately I don’t know what it was anymore because I renamed it.
    In any case, something is wrong with the shaders, no 3D at close range or any such flickering, or bars … at least if you look over it into the distance everything looks fantastic in G3D … !!
    Will try other Unreal 3 profiles again … or maybe someone can help me …
    The sharks are very well animated in the game look much more vivid in 3D VR.
    Maybe someone of you will find a better profile.
    “Maneater” also a shark game runs very well with Vorx in G3D too!


    If someone is interested … I found a perfectly fitting profile … “Alien Rage” !!!

    Now Depth looks fantastic with G3D … runs out with all settings at 1440p to max. Except Motion Blur …
    The annoying bar is gone too …
    It’s really fun in 3D-VR because the sharks are so well animated … as are the divers and the underwater world …

    For “Hai fans” there is also a current game that also runs great in G3D … “Man-Eater” … there is also a YouTube video with Vorpx …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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