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    I noticed a lot of dropped frames/stutter in games and the oculus performance monitor showed that the performance headroom is constantly below 0% in games and only at 30% in windows.

    I cap all games at 60 or 90 fps and most of them would run twice as fast without the cap so the headroom should be much higher.


    The desktop viewer is not meant for games. Performance issues are to be expected when using it for playing games.

    For games please always use the normal vorpX hooking. The desktop viewer is for desktop apps like web browsers or video players unless vorpX can hook them directly.


    Not all games can be hooked and many games don’t have 3D support.
    Vorpx desktop viewer + tridef close that gap.

    I was able to solve the problem (more or less) by setting the priority of vorpx to realtime and disabeling crystal image.
    HMD fps are now mostly at 90 and only go down to 70-80, instead of 15-20.


    Hm, would that be possible to run truckersmp (euro truck simulator 2 + multiplayer mod) with tridef and desktop viewer? Does it (tridef) work with any game possible?


    Euro Truck Simulator 2, has a 3d profile for tridef (native support), so it should work with tridef and the desktop viewer.

    Tridef works for most directx 9-11 games, not all of them (but nearly all of them).
    Games that don’t have native support often have a community/user profile, that can be found in their forums.

    If you consider using tridef and the desktop viewer, you should cap/limit the fps of the game and put the process priority for the desktop viewer up (in the task-manager),
    or you might get choppy performance.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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