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    Having worked fine for a while Desktop Viewer crashes pretty much immediately on launch. I’ve tried standard and beta versions, with and without admin rights, all other apps shut down etc. What am I doing wrong? Help please!

    Troubleshooting log attached in case that helps:

    Win 11, 13700k, 2080ti, Reverb G2


    No error in the logfiles and also nothing in the system info that looks as if it could potentially get in the way. So not much I can say unfortunately.

    Try to uninstall vorpX. Then manually delete the C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX folder and reinstall vorpX afterwards.

    CAVEAT: If you have profiles that you put some effort into, back them up first in the config app by dragging them from the local profiles list to the desktop.


    Just uninstalling hadn’t worked. Deleting the folder and re-installing did work.

    Thankyou very much Ralf.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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