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    Hi i just bought Vorpx and so far the test that i’ve done in many game worked except daemon x machina but this game isn’t supported but my main problem is the desktop viewer. Whenever i launch it there is a task that open in the bottom of my screen and when i pass my mouse on it there is a black screen but i can’t put i in full screen.
    I us the “generic headset vr” mode and vorpx can’t attach to vorpxdesktop.exe wathever i tried.
    -Don’t have integrated gpu
    -Deleted spacedesk from my computer
    -Tried running everything in administrator
    -Tried disabling Avast
    -Tried alternative hooking
    -Tried lauching vorpx in windows 8 mode
    I’m out of ideas i know some people experienced the same problem but it was years agao.
    Thanks in advance for help.


    The desktop viewer does not work with the ‘Generic Headset’. Since in that mode the output is shown on the desktop that woudn’t really make sense.

    The desktop viewer only works with the headset type set to ‘Oculus’ or ‘SteamVR’.

    BTW: Please NEVER turn on any compatibility mode for vorpX, Windows 8 or otherwise.


    Thanks for the fast reply i guess i have to wait until the true headset arrive.
    Have a nice day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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