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    Aside from the weird flat UI and lack of positional tracking, this game ran like a dream for me back before CV1 launched. Trying to run it now, though, I’m getting like 5 FPS. I’ve got i7-5930K and 980Ti, 32GB Ram etc etc, and I cranked down all the game’s graphics settings anyway, and it doesn’t help. Any idea what could be causing these performance issues?

    I should clarify, I’m still using DK2.


    I recently got this too with the Director’s Cut, but not with the original version. Haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause yet, sorry. It’s on the list.

    If you have access to the orignal version, try that one. Otherwise my guess would be that it’s related to a graphics driver setting (antialising, pre-rendered frames etc.). Might make sense to experiment with these.


    This has been an issue for me, too & I’ve seen others report this over the past several months. I played through the DC using Z3D @ 4k on the DK2 last year and it ran great. Now, not so much. I’ve tried both the Director’s Cut & the original & both have problems.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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