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    just tried deus ex hr, direct vr does NOT work,if i press ctrl-L it fails FOV adjustment.
    Also it doesn’t use the custom resolution, i’ve set 1680p inside vorpx panel but it gives 1900*1200 instead.
    i’ve set vorpx to launch as admin.

    basically i’ve disabled direct vr, changed fov manually in regedit, set resolution to 2560*1440 (will try custom resolution next time), and it looks fine, but i did the same as last year, everything manually.
    btw there is too much latency on head tracking, don’t know if it’s possible to reduce it, tried the slider also on head tracking settings, no changes, maybe there’s to disable mouse smooth from regedit, with that latency i’ll get sick after a few minutes, will do more tries next time…

    hope it works for other games but for this one it doesn’t look it works so well.


    Please make sure to use the Steam version of the game. The Direct VR FOV is version dependent in this game. Normally you shouldn’t even have to run the scanner for the FOV to be correct since it is pre-cached. Just in case: please never report any issues you encounter with ‘unofficial’ versions of a game, especially in regard to Direct VR.

    The resolution probably worked as intended. Direct VR figures out the best resolution fitting your selected preferred quality that it considers working for a game on your PC. That is not necessarily exactly the same as the preferred quality you have chosen (hence the ‘Actual resolution may differ’ tooltip in the menu).

    To utilize the resolution functionality to its full extent, please add custom resolutions to your system. Which resolutions to add and how to do that is explained in the “Custom Resolutions” section of the vorpX help.


    i’m using a legit version on steam, not the director’s cut, appid is 28050.

    Maybe you have set up tweaks for director’s cut version ?

    i have added already custom resolutions, 2240*1680 and 1600*1680, so even if i prefer 1680p it choose the one it wants.. so what’s the pont of selecting resolution? why not make (auto) option to let the system decide for you and force 1680p/1440p/1280p if it’s selected by the user?

    about head tracking latency is there something i can do ?

    game is quite smooth even in 2560*1440, probably lowering the resolution lowers the head tracking latency too i guess..


    Both the regular and Director’s Cut version should have working DirectVR, but I’ll look into it. Unless there was a recent patch (unlikely) I can’t think of reason why the pre-cached value won’t work, but I’ll check anyway. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Resolution: each game profile has individual settings that define the behavior in that regard and there always is a reason for the chosen behavior. If you want to override that since you think you can achieve a better result by tweaking manually for a specific game, you can do that at any time by disabling the auto resolution feature on the Direct VR page of the ingame menu.

    For the auto resolution feature to work as good as possible it’s important to add all custom resolutions listed in the vorpX help not just the two you already added. For DXHR for example vorpX normally would choose 1800×1440 as a 1440p res if available which is better than the widescreen res you set manually.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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