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    I just ordered the Devkit 2 and I was wondering if the current Vorpx driver will work with it? I know this is unlikely, but how long do you reckon it will take to update the current driver to work with Devkit 2, Ralf? I hope the answer will be it won’t take long, but what you think? Thanks!


    The current version might work to some degree, but certainly not perfectly.

    Impelmenting the necessary changes for full DK2 support might be possible before the DK2s are actually shipped, depending on when Oculus releases the updated SDK. So more probably than not vorpX will be fully DK2 ready around the time the devkits are shipped.

    For testing the changes DK2s are necessary, of course. I ordered two DK2s right after the announcement was made, hopefully they will arrive here as soon as possible.


    My main problem is, that with the DK2 your view is in portrait mode.
    Ich means it is turned 90° to the right.

    doesn´t work at all. dk2 only works for me if i extend the screens by system and use oculus native stuff.

    hope it gets fixed!


    got it running!

    Set your screen mode to Standalone. Just only use the rift, turn the desktop the right way round and vorpX will run on DK2, aswell.


    @Fabio – Maybe you could explain a what you mean a little better. First of all how do you have Dev Kit2 when it’s not shipped untill July? Also, what do you mean by turn the desktop the right way round? Another thing how are you using it as a stand alone when you cannot see your deskptop in stand alone? You are hardly able to see the desktop when looking at it through a Rift.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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