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    Hello vorpX folks.

    My system:

    • CPU: AMD R5 1600
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti
    • RAM: 16 GB
    • SSD: 512GB Intel 760p NVMe (for games only)
    • VR: Oculus Rift CV1

    When running Diablo 3 through vorpX, the frame rate is between 30-50 FPS, far lower than when running it pancaked.

    Here’s the part I do not understand: CPU and GPU utilsation are very low when the game runs in vorpX. The CPU is at about 17% utilisation, and the GPU is at about 30% utilisation.

    For context, Diablo 3 runs >300 FPS (with VSYNC off) without vorpX, and fully utilises the GPU.

    As this suggests it’s not a hardware bottleneck, any ideas why the performance is so low? Are there any settings I can check / optimise to alleviate the issue?



    That sounds way to extreme. I’ll have to look into into that to check whether something is wrong, can’t really say anything more specific. I’ll check the game.

    On a general note it’s worth noting though that the overall CPU usage doesn’t really say anything. Your CPU has 6 cores (12 threads via virtual duplication). If just one of these threads utilizes a core fully, you are CPU limited even if several other cores don’t do anything.

    For simplicity imagine an older game that only runs one thread and your PC has no other tasks running at all. In such a case your task manager would only show 8.33% (100/12) CPU utilization at max. speed since the game can’t utilize all cores/threads of your CPU.

    Diablo III probably uses some multithreading, although probably not overly much, so your 17% don’t sound entirely unrealistic on a 12 thread CPU until being CPU limited.


    Thanks for looking into this.

    According to HWInfo, no individual thread exceeded ~50% during the course of running Diablo 3 (I used HWInfo’s “Maximum” value to make this determination). I wondered if it might be a single maxed thread that was causing this, but this does not appear to be the case. I also kept an eye on thermals, to rule out thermal throttling, but that was also fine (see below).

    Here is some more info, in case it may help:

    Windows 10 1909 (Build 18363.720), freshly installed about two weeks ago.
    Nvidia Driver 442.5.
    AMD Chipset Driver
    Oculus version 14.1.
    Oculus Tray Tool (only used to start and stop Oculus services).
    Max CPU Temp: 51 C (liquid cooled).
    Max VRM Temp: 49 C (actively cooled).
    Max GPU Temp: 48 C.

    It doesn’t look as if the system is thermal throttling. I don’t run supersampling in Oculus Tray Tool, as that is known to have a heavy performance penalty.

    I look forward to hearing about the results of your testing.



    Nothing unusual here unfortunately in a brief test a few days ago. I‘ll take a closer look should more reports like yours emerge.

    If you have tools running in the background that potentially also hook into games and thus might interfere, please try to disable all of them. You can find more detailed information in that regard in the trouble shooting post on top of this sub-forum.

    if you want, you can also create a trouble shoot data archive in the config app and send that to support at vorpx com. Maybe your logfiles show something unusual that might help for development.


    Thanks for giving it a whirl. It’s likely something on my end then, if nobody else is reporting this (and you couldn’t replicate).

    And don’t worry, I still love vorpX. I’ll just have to do some more tinkering on my end.

    All the best.


    I have a similar problem with my laptop, but everything is fine when I play diablo on a PC.


    I play D3 with VorpX. And everything work perfect.
    60fps / VSYNC
    i5-11400 (95W), RTX2060S. (RX6600 dont have problem too)

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