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    Tango Fett

    I have ordered the newest VorpX driver on Sep 18th (one week ago) and since then I have not received any email from VorpX at all. The only email I did receive was from PayPal, which I used to purchase your product. I don’t have an order number, but according to my PayPal receipt my transaction ID is [removed] and my Invoice ID is [removed].

    I would like to mention that I sent an email to VorpX Support and they have not responded as of yet. I cannot say I am impressed with my experience so far. Thank you for reading.


    You should have received at least two e-mails from MyCommerce with the download link and instructions, also two activation reminders from us directly a little bit later.

    These mails were sent automatically to the mail address that you entered into the purchase form (brent.m…@gmail.com). The reply to your support request was sent to the same mail address.

    Please check your spam folder, highly unlikely that all five mails just vanished.

    I will resend the reminder once again. if it still does not reach you, please provide an alternative e-mail address.

    Tango Fett

    I have received the email this time! Thank you for your help!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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