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    I find it difficult to navigate windows when I must set the HMD as my primary display. Is there any way I can change settings so that I can use VorpX, but still have everything on my windows desktop – other than the game – appear on my monitor? That would be a giant leap in usability.

    If there is no way to make this better, I hope that Raif is looking at this as something his software should address. Ideally, it would work in HMD mode, or Vorpx would support adjustments such that we could mirror the display on the primary monitor and the RIFT.


    A few games already should work in Direct HMD mode, Skyrim for example. This may be system dependent though, so consider this *very* experimental.

    There is a another way though:

    1. Set the Rfift to Extend Desktop
    2. Set the Rift as secondary display in Windows
    3. Set vorpX to “Show only on Rift DK2”

    Just be aware that this does not work with everything. For some games you will have to revert to the DK2 as primary display.

    The above setup is explained in greater detail in the DK2 setup guide in the vorpX documentation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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