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    Hi guys.
    My problem is simple, it(title) does not work at all for me.
    Oculus CV1, Oculus Home 1.9, Windows 8.1, Skyrim, vorpx 16.2.0. I am new to vorpx.
    Since it worked flawlessly a long time with the Vireio 2.x driver, i did not expect a problem at all. But when i click the “Start Direct Headtracking Scan”, it beeps, and that is it.i move the HMD in concentic movement against counterclockwise. Long. No success. Am i doing something wrong?
    I am absolutely not a fan of overriding the controller, it is kind of a showstopper for me. Right now, Skyrim is not playable for me with any of the profile that are online right now (or the local one). I get motion sick very fast when moving with the overridden controller, no problem with direct headtracking and direct controller. Any chance to get it working? Is it working in other games?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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