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    For some reason when I activate this setting it runs perfectly at first. I can see the mirrored image on my main monitor and it’s smooth as silk, but as soon as I click “Close” or anything in the VorpX menu other than the setting itself, the window freezes. If I turn the setting off and back on again it’s fine until I try to click on anything again. The game itself keeps running in the headset just fine, it’s just the mirrored window that freezes. Also the “Direct Mode Show Original” setting works perfectly, but I would like to record the dual lenses. I just can’t figure out a way to get the VorpX menu off the screen without the window freezing… Any ideas?

    Windows 7 x64
    16GB RAM
    i7 @4.5GHz
    GTX 980 4GB


    Does the same thing happen when you use the ingame menu with the keyboard (cursor keys for navigation, ENTER to commit)? It’s just a guess, but this might be a mouse focus issue. Sometimes the mirror window freezes when the main window loses focus.


    Yup, with most games I have to start my video capture, then move the mirror window out of view in order to be able to click on the game window and regain control of my in-game mouse (buttons).

    The major problem here is that often, the mirror window refuses to be moved. This completely silences the ability to click mouse buttons. This is the case with Borderlands 2, Alien Colonial Marines (hey I wanted to have a laugh) and some others I forget of right now.

    For those who like to stream/record the full Oculus view, it would be a good fix to have.


    Here’s an interesting workaround for the problem:
    After enabling the mirror window at whichever size you want, do OK & SAVE in VorpX. This is assuming you’re in Windowed mode (not full windowed)

    This trick will hide the contents of your mirror window as we will drag it off screen, but any recording software running will be able to record.

    1) Start your capture.
    2) Drag the game’s window (Not the mirror window; not yet) down about halfway on your screen.
    3) Now we can click on the title bar of the mirror window, and drag it as low as we can, with the title bar matching up with the window taskbar (or lower)
    4) Now drag the main game’s window back all the way up and line it up with your screen.
    5) Click in the middle of the game’s window. You should be good to go.

    While you play, the mirror window we mostly dragged off screen is letting your capture software get the image. Meanwhile your mouse is back. I didn’t test with with Borderlands 2, but the trick worked for Randy Pitchfork’s Colon Marines.


    No dice. It freezes if I click or if I press Enter. I can’t drag the mirrored window because interacting with that window in any way will cause it to go totally white and stop responding, though the game in the headset will continue running without a hitch. Bringing the main window into focus doesn’t fix it and I’ve even tried alt-tabbing out of the game and then back in, the mirrored window stays frozen.

    Any other ideas? I’ve got massive amounts of requests on my YouTube channel for certain games and I can’t do anything because they all just freeze like this. I’ve used VorpX since it was first available without a hitch and I’m really hoping to figure out what’s up with this new issue >,<

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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