Direct VR in fallout 4 warps you out of the map?

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    First time user here. I have most things setup correctly but I’m finding that using Direct VR causes the player to be flung off into space whenever the game camera takes control like during cinematics or using computer terminals. Has anyone found a solution?


    I’m also finding that trying to use non native resolutions to my 16:9 monitor is causing mouse offset in menus and the ingame first person camera to be left of center. Menu offset I can deal with, but is there an ini setting to offset the ingame camera?


    You can disable Direct VR temporarily with a hotkey (freely configurable in the config app). The second option is to disable the positional part of Direct VR in the vorpX menu, normal pos tracking wil kick in instead. For playing seated or standing without walking that works just as well.

    Smaller than 16:10 aspect ratios cause various UI glitches with or without vorpX, that’s a general game issue. There is a neat trick though to get close to 4:3 by adding a few pixels to the width. 1604×1200 for example does work. The next vorpX will do this fully automated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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