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    In Titanfall i have the resolution 2550x1440as native.i set the game and restarted with the vorpx profile.If i f i switch to full vr it looks a bit pixelated.I also added the custom resolutions in Nvidia.but how do i change it to a better resolution?do i have to do something in the vorpx settings? how do i set the resolution for the game in vorpx?Is it automated?Do i have to push alt-l or al-b or something else to scan direct vr?Kinda confused.


    Depends on the game. In Titanfall 2 you can do that in the vorpX menu on the DirectVR page. Whenever that is the case for a game vorpX displays an according message in the top/left corner of the game window as well as in the headset.

    Generelly useful hint: always pay attention to any messages vorpX may display in the headset and/or in the game window on your desktop. Saves a lot of trial and error.


    ok thx.Will try


    After adding custom resolutions to my nVidia CP, I tried to change the res in Titanfall2 using the Vorpx in-game menu (settings like “ultra”, “phenomenal” etc). I can change these and Vorpx pops a message up when i save to say that the game probably needs a restart. When I restart the game a similar message is always shown (“Vorpx changed some settings, this probably requires a game restart”) but the resolution never seems to change. Am I missing something here?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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