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    Hello I have a problem with fallout4 in DirectVR mode.
    DirectVR works perfectly on skyrim with mod
    and NewVegas with mod but when I try on fallout4
    without any mod and vanillia ini file I encounter the following problem

    The screen freeze when launching the Rotation scan
    And the PC no longer responds for 5 to 10 minutes
    if I do a CtrlAltSupp I see that several
    windows process uses 100% disk and the scan is unresponsive

    system (ntoskrnl.exe)
    com surrgate (dllhost.exe)
    processus hôte de service (svchost.exe)
    antimalware service executable (MsMpEng.exe)
    runtime broker (RuntimeBroker.exe)

    I have blocked several windows processes
    and this disk usage problem only occurs in
    Fallout4 during the scan, I no longer experience this problem at startup
    because it is a common problem on windows 10

    I updated the profile by downloading from the cloud

    Here is the list of exceptions I added to windows defender
    So it does not scan:

    Files and folder :
    Animation Labs\VorpX (folder)
    Animation Labs\vorpxConfig.exe
    Animation Labs\vorpxControl.exe
    Animation Labs\vorpxControl64.dat
    Animation Labs\vorpxDesktop.exe
    steamapps\common\Fallout 4 (folder)
    ProgramFiles (x86)\Windows Defender (folder)
    Program Files\Windows Defender (folder)
    Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe
    ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX (folder)

    vorpX VR Driver Control
    vorpX VR Driver Control (32 bits)

    I also tried without windows defender by installing
    Avast but nothing change.

    with the many test I did with different savegame
    and in different cell the worst is that it succeeded only once
    the scan rotation and fov was ok and i was able to enjoy the game in DirectVR
    but since then it’s always the same problem that forces me
    sometimes to force reboot if the CtrlAltSupp does not work.

    I don’t know what to try next
    then if you have an idea I thank you in advance.

    Sorry english is not my first language.
    I use FallOut4 In French could it be the problem ?
    I notice during the problem that the notification icon
    for the volume was on mute and came back normal when i quit fallout.


    I forgot to tell you
    Halflife 2, Left4Dead 2, Skyrim, Newvegas Works (dx9 games)
    Fallout 4 doesn’t (dx11)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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