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    Naturally I’m assuming, games that are devolved specifically for VR are typically more immersive than games which where not devolved for VR…

    But my question is overall how do games like Alien Isolation, Outlast, and Skyrim function with a VR headset…

    Do you feel like the Oculus benefits these games or is it more of a hassle than it’s worth?

    Are the DirectX 10&11 First Person games better or worse with VR?


    It depends on several factors, above all, the level of configuration that allows the game, and the 3D reconstruction allowed in each game profile, among other things, to be used with vorpx.

    For example, a game with good support FOV (field of view) option + 3D geometry, scale hud, separation 3d, if configured properly, could even become almost native, very similar.
    However, this mode has a higher resource consumption.
    Some games require work in DX9 to use this 3D reconstruction, but slowly increasing this reconstruction in DX11 too.

    Other games are only available 3D reconstruction (z Normal / adaptative), this mode is less 3d but less consumption.No has positional tracking,only head tracking in this mode for now.But you have other advantages.

    The ability of each player, at the time of polishing / refining a good configuration plays an important role in the outcome of the final experience.
    Vorpx internal menu has options to help this.
    But it also depends on the configuration options available to the game, the specifications of your PC, and the profile created by the dev/team vorpx for each game :)

    In any case, after passing a small learning curve with vorpx, this program is very useful, a perfect complement to play some of the favorite games in vr, which otherwise would not be as possible.


    “Do you feel like the Oculus benefits these games or is it more of a hassle than it’s worth?”

    For some games I would most certainly say Yes, the Oculus benefits and is an awesome tool to enhance some games and I would not be without it.
    Vorpx is the best software for non Vr developed games.


    Ok assume the PC is amazing because I’m going all out on a new gaming PC in 2016 with a Pascal GPU from Nvidia when they release and making sure the components can back it (New Everything)

    So that being said answer in regards to each game listed specifically:

    1. Skyrim

    2. Outlast

    3. Alien Isolation

    If you’ve configured these games how well did the configure to suit VR and was the overall experience better with VR?

    Give each game it’s own specific answer… It’s really going to help me decide on if I’m going to get a CV1 of the Oculus, because I gotta have more than Eve Valkyrie to invest in it =/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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