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    Hello Everyone,

    i was testing out VorpX with Dirt 3 and while it was running, some changes have to be made….

    Anyone got a tip on how to change the fov? And how do i enable Head Tracking? Do i have to use external Software like Opentrack?

    Thank you for your Input


    PS: Did not try Dirt 2 yet …. but i am eager to do it


    Hi Woody,

    The first thing you should do is apply the Game Optimizer tweaks for Dirt 3 in the vorpX config app. This switches the game to D3D9 and thus enables Geometry 3D.

    When this is done, you can adjust the FOV in the vorpX ingame menu. The menu entry is called 3D FOV Enhancement.

    Headtracking can either be done by configuring the Rift head tracker as gamepad in vorpX (see below), or by using OpenTrack. The latter will give you better head tracking, sou you should do that if possible. Apparently there is a DK2 ready of OpenTrack available here:


    And here are the steps that are required to use the Rift head tracker as gamepad axis with vorpX:

    1. Press [DEL] to open the in-game menu
    2. Go to Input page
    3. Set ‘Handle Gamepads Internally’ to Off
    4. Set ‘Headtracking as Gamepad’ to Relative or Absolute depending on the game. You should get a grasp of what is better quickly.

    The options below this should be more or less self explanatory except maybe Deadzone Correction, which efectively eliminates analog stick deadzones set by the game.

    If this is done, your headtracker is now a gamepad axis. The final step is to go to the game’s input options and map look left/right/up/down to the ‘Rift-Gamepad-Axis’, exactly as you would do with any other gamepad axis.


    Okidoki, i ll try to tinker around a bit with the things you have given me =)

    Thank you for your quick answer!

    I will tell you about my results! =)


    Okidoki, i ll try to tinker around a bit with the things you have given me =)

    Thank you for your quick answer!

    I will tell you about my results! =)

    Phew… what to say, yes i found the options and got through with it like you said …. but .. even after mapping everything ( sometimes it worked , sometimes not ) it seems extremly wonky …

    As a site note , i had an xbox 360 pad connected and a g27 …


    I’ve used Opentrack for simplicity. And it works well!

    Also ran FOV changer and found that 70 to 80 vertical FOV seems to feel best for me anyway.

    I’m downloading Grid 1. Grid 2 and Autosport seem to lack any kind of head cam camera movement in the cockpit. (Very lazy of Codemasters – I will cease funding their crap until they realize VR is the future) :)

    I have done zero DirectX 9 or optimizations so I’m not sure what this geometry 3d vs whatever I have now is going to give me.

    Can somebody elaborate on how the optimization is done? (Should I just be forcing DX9=true in the xml file? Or is there something more)



    I set the Option for Headtracking as Gamepad in the vorpx menu, but i can’t get it work. Can anybody tell me how do I map look left/right/up/down to the ‘Rift-Gamepad-Axis’ in for example Dirt3. I thinked I had to activate the mapping for example for looking left by pressing enter and then look left, but it doesn’t map. It seems the game doesn’t recognize any “Gamepad”. I have the same issue with Opentrack. Tryed out the freetrack Protocol and the “Joystick Emulation” but again, I can’t map to the controls in the game.

    Has anyone an idea, what I’m doing wrong?



    I’m having trouble starting on DIRT 3 DK2 . Can someone help me?

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