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    I tried with Dirt 3 and I have head tracking in the menus and all but when I start a game, I have just my head stuck and can’t move it. I already put it in dx9 but I can’t see the geometry 3D option in the menu, is there something we have to do ?


    There is a way to configure vorpX as gamepad substitute (see below), which can be used to get head tracking in Dirt 3. This is better than nothing, but (very) far from perfect.

    The better option is to use an external tool like OpenTrack, which can emulate TrackIR input, instead of vorpX’s head tracking. We can’t do this in vorpX directly due to legal reasons unfortunately. I’m not sure whether OpenTrack is updated to the DK2 yet though.

    The next vorpX version *may* have an internal cure for the issue, but it’s not entirely clear yet whether that really will work out.

    Here’s the gamepad method:

    1. Press [DEL] to open the in-game menu
    2. Go to Input page
    3. Set ‘Handle Gamepads Internally’ to Off
    4. Set ‘Headtracking as Gamepad’ to Relative or Absolute depending on the game. You should get a grasp of what is better quickly.

    The options below this should be more or less self explanatory except maybe Deadzone Correction, which efectively eliminates analog stick deadzones set by the game.

    If this is done, your headtracker is now a gamepad axis. The final step is to go to the game’s input options and map look left/right/up/down to the ‘Rift-Gamepad-Axis’, exactly as you would do with any other gamepad axis.


    I think I will wait an official fix for that, because with this solution we lose the tracking of the camera. I will try with others racing games then, but thank you for taking time to answer me, maybe it can help others peoples that want to try that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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