Dirt Showdown

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    Dirt Showdown (G3D)

    Vorpx may need to be started several times before hooking properly into this game.

    – Disallow Showdown.exe from vorpx
    – For higher custom resolutions:
    — Set monitor res. to XXXX, then game res. to XXXX
    – Try alternate hooking method if vorpx doesnt hook
    – Optimized for cinema modes (recommended)
    – Porfile available at the cloud


    Do you mean to start vorpx , then the game, and if it doesn’t work, close both and just keep trying that again?

    I’m not having much luck with these games. I’ve got a few working. But the last few I haven’t had much success.

    F1 2019 drops my frame rate to about 10 frames and kills my frame times (down from 120fps in 2D).

    Wreckfest and this hook, but show no 3D.


    VorpX has received different new hooking methods since i have released this profile. You may try alternate hoocking (vorpX config app) or make a vorpx desktop shortcut. Sometimes restarting a game can help, yes.
    I cant speack for F1 and Wreckfest. If the game is officially supported by vorpx please report errors in the support forum. IIRC Wreckfest is not officially supported and user profiles are not always provide 3D (unfortunately).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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