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    I’ve been messing with vorpx since yesterday. Had a REALLY hard time trying to figure out how it worked. Could get Far Cry 3 to display the vorpx screens and stereoscopy but only on my monitor…Dirt 3 wasn’t doing anything at all.

    Only when i tried DIRT2 i managed to get it working. I know now you really have to have your rift setup as the primary monitor BUT you can alt-tab and put your monitor back as primary once the game is launched.

    I used to race a lot with tridef on both dirt2 and 3 so i know how important it is to find the sweetspot with seperation, the fov etc…

    All in all vorpx seemed to be as good as tridef in dirt 2 once i got it working….

    ANYWAY…DIRT 3 isnt’ doing anything. The hook isn’t working. Does anybody have ANY idea as to what might be going wrong?


    Be sure to not only have vorpx running, but the system tray should show that the driver is running. I used to launch Vorpx and never hit “Apply” before running the game.

    I bit the bullet and downloaded the Steam download of Dirt 3 and reinstalled the game.

    I also deleted my hardware config xml files in My Documents\My Games\Dirt 3 (from memory).

    Make sure everything works in 2d.

    Then grab and launch Opentrack – set it to use Freetrack and hit start.
    Launch Vorpx and hit apply
    launch game.

    In game, bring up the menu and switch the 3d mode to Geometry. I was impressed with other modes, but once I hit geometry the 3d popped out at me and was really impressive.


    thanks for your reply!
    I can get dirt2 working no problem…The thing is i tried yesterday to make it work in directx11 just to see if it would and it does!!!

    So for some reason dirt 2 works every time…dirt 3 only in directx11

    Any ideas?


    Maybe i’ll try to completely wipe the xml’s like you have done!


    I’m using Dirt 3 in DX11 with Geometry…If I’m not mistaken DX11 is a requirement….Please somebody confirm :)

    If you use another setting other than Geometry (Z-Normal for example), the image looks flat but performance seems better.

    I’ve only tried to get D3 in DX9 for Vireio, but failed (constant crash to desktop just as the intro splash video starts to play).

    Let me know how you go with the XML wipe. That and the full re-download helped me.

    I can no constantly show off Dirt 3, confident it will work every time.

    I prefer it over Dirt 2, the menus make me queasy and I dont remember the game being as good as Dirt 3. :)


    Nope…deleting the xml’s didn’t work…Just can’t figure out how to make this game work in directx9…There is no GEOMETRY3d in DIRECTX11 mode…


    Funny that VorpX is not forcing DX9 mode.

    Let’s do this manually then…

    Ok, so now the xml file was recreated.

    Step 1
    C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\My Games\Dirt3\Hardware Settings\Hardware Settings Config.

    Step 2
    Press ctrl + f and then type direct. You will find the direct x forced feedback =” false”.() So Change it into directx forcedx9=”true” . Thats it …save it and start your game in direct x 9.

    Run Vorpx again, hit apply so you get the driver “active” in the system tray.
    Run Dirt 3, start a single race or time trial and check your 3d modes available.


    Nono…that is not the problem…i can force directx9 without any problem.
    The problem is that WHEN it is dx9…vorpx doesn’t hook and doesn’t start the game in stereo mode…it is just as if vorpx is turned off. When i start it up in dx11 it works just fine but i have no need for Z-buffer 3d modes which are the only ones that work in DX11 on dirt3


    Have you ever played with Vireio before?

    Are you sure you don’t have a d3d9.dll file somewhere in your Dirt 3 folder?
    Please post the version of your d3d9.dll file in your Windows\System32 folder.

    I’ll post mine too.

    I’d reinstall DX9. I think one version comes with Dirt3, in the REDIST folder.

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