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    Somebody told this a year ago and would be very very nice Ralf

    I think it could be a useful feature to temporarily disable Headtracking while a Hotkey is pressed. In some shooters we have for example a sniper gun with a zoom function, on distant targets this is almost impossible to handle because a head is always slightly moving.

    Its hard to implement?


    I did run out of easy to reach hotkeys a while ago, but I’ll see what can be done. No promises though.


    U are a machine Ralf, just try if not np coz will be very useful for most of players, we can for example put on right buton mouse and move with mouse just when holding It, and if is not ask so much would be good block the headtraking but not the roll.
    Thanks you for all your great service, iwork on a Mediamarkt selling vr glasses and i always recommend Vorpx to my customers! :)


    Hi I bought VorpX the other day and was looking for this feature. I play with gyro controllers.

    If there was a hotkey to ‘disable headtracking’, I would assign it to trigger press (via my controller mapper (steam or JSM), and then again to trigger release to re-enable.

    Or a hold function would work too.

    This would be incredibly helpful for gyro aiming.

    Many thanks


    Definitely keen for this with a hold function. Would be great for mounted machine guns with a single pivot point

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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