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    I’ve been testing out the various Far Cries with vorpx again and it’s a lot of fun … except when I’m in the middle of a firefight and I accidentally push in both sticks on my xbox one gamepad at the same time trying to aim and run and instead I find myself staring at the in-game vorpx menu while the AI riddle me with bullets and I die.

    I’d like to be able to tweak the settings in game to perfection–and then disable the in-game menu, maybe from the main vorpx menu, so that I don’t have to worry about accidentally triggering it all the time …

    Is this possible?


    i think you can disable joystick vorpx hotkey in vorpx ingame settings, scroll through the pages till you find settings related to joystick and change it so it wont bring vorpx menu when you click on the sticks.
    and who plays fps with joystick on pcs ?:D haha just kidding :p


    Thanks for responding, steph12. I’ll look for those settings.

    I was a mouse and keyboard FPS player for years. And then I played Condemned Criminal Origins, and for some reason I started using a gamepad–and I just found it a much more enjoyable way to play. I really like the rumble feedback, and the joysticks felt more natural than clicking on a mouse and typing on my keyboard. Now it’s the only way I play. I realize this is heresy in a certain segment of the PC population, but I just think that’s silly. I know you weren’t serious, but I just wanted to explain myself anyway.


    You can change the thumbstick configuration in the vorpX menu (input page).

    If you can’t find the according options, try with expert settings enabled. I’m not entirely sure currently whether that is necessary for the thumbstick options to become available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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