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    Howdy, after a bunch of effort playing with VorpX settings I finally started playing Dishonored the other day. It wasn’t long before I reached a cutscene in which there was supposed to be a dialogue menu to make a selection from. The dialogue menu was not there and so I was stuck in the cutscene. After some searching I found an older video that said to fix this problem all you have to do is disable DirectVR from the VorpX in game menu and then the dialogue would appear. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find this switch which was probably removed in a new version. Does anyone know of a similar fix to this game? I was really looking forward to giving this a go! Thanks much for your help.


    You can disable DirectVR with a hotkey temporarily in such cases (default ALT+B),

    The menu option is on the DirectVR page of the menu, you can flip between pages with the arrow buttons in the top/left corner of the menu or the shoulder buttons on your gamepad/motion controllers.

    You don’t really want to disable DirectVR for good though. If available for a game, DirectVR modules improve the experience a lot, e.g. by enabling better head tracking, automatic FOV setup and so on. Use the temporary hotkey switch instead if necessary.

    BTW1: Many hotkeys can be used in two ways: either with “hold/release” if you only need the function for a few secs. Or with short keypresses for toggling the according function on/off.

    BTW2: A list of useful hotkeys (including a way to change them to your liking) can be found in the config app.


    Thank you for this reply. I’m sorry I didn’t see the hotkey for this. There is so much to take in at first. (Well, still.)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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