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    Nightmare -_-

    So, I am encountering an issue where loading a save crashes my game in Dishonored. It works the first few times around, however after around 2-3 save loads, it always crashes, sometimes even locking up and hijacking my computer, forcing me to restart it. I am using a HTC vive (original) and I use memory scan. My computer is more than enough to run this game by the way. I even tried turning off memory scan before loading a save, but that didn’t help. Not sure if this is useful information, but I need to run vorpX with admin privileges, otherwise dishonored wont work.

    That is my main issue, but I have another side issue I thought I should just mention. If I disable the option that locks my mouse movement to horizontal only, corvo’s head looks straight upwards, and if I look back down with my mouse/head it will jump right back up to looking upwards, forcing me to have the horizontal mouse movement only, which I do not like very much.

    Does anyone have any suggestions/tips to help me fix either of these problems? (preferably the first one)
    Thank you in advance.


    Hello Ralf and Nightmare. I take the opportunity of this post, to share my problems and tips on Dishonored as well!

    – I also have a game crash after 2 or 3 VorpX Scans each time.

    – Sometimes after a scan the camera seems to be reversed, you just have to point the right stick up to put it back.

    – During the dialog with merchant NPCs I also have a crash, the cause of this problem comes from the change of the FOV by the memory, switching it to a change of FOV by modifying the ini file solved this problem.

    – The thumbnail effect that appears (when you are crouched) has not been completely removed, it sometimes disappears on some maps and reappears on others.

    I use this trick to improve the sprint in the game, it became much easier to escape from an enemy:

    I volunteer to do further testing on this game with VorpX if needed ;)

    (The game is running in windowed mode with the same resolution as my screen, I have a RTX 2060 on Windows 10, I don’t have Antivirus, only Defender and no software running in the background. Excuse my bad english)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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