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    I just tried out Dishonored again after the newest vorpX update. I played through it before the update and it was cool but now that it has positional tracking its awesome! I know it would probably take some type of mod for the actual game, but is there any way to integrate the games lean mechanic into the positional tracking of vorpX? I know its not a priority by any means but it would be the icing on the cake for that game.

    If you haven’t tried Dishonored yet with vorpX or played it at all then go out and do it! It’s great on the Rift. I crank up the positional tracking strength to 2.70 (to make it more responsive), Remove the cross hairs (less eye strain having a floating cross hair always in your face), and I set the FOV to 140 Instead of 120 (just seems to be more to “scale” and realistic for me). There are also some other vorpX tweaks you can make to suit your preferences.

    But having the lean mechanic integrated somehow would be really cool.

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