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    I come from the previous DK2 days using VorpX which I loved dearly.

    Now I have in my possession CV1 and with it the bulky oculus application. What happens is the following:

    -Start VorpX, confirmed running in System Tray
    -Make sure SteamVR is not running
    -Put on headset, oculus home launches
    -Launch Dishonored, Dishonored appears on monitor(single monitor connected) and not on headset
    -Headset stays on Oculus Home, monitor stays on Dishonored
    -Adjusted resolution in Dishonored to make sure it would work properly with headset(1280 x 1024 per VorpX Configuration recommended setting)
    -It just seems like VorpX isn’t hooking properly, or Oculus Home is taking precendence over it


    HI all i can say Dishonored runs fine on CV1.My resolution 1940X1440.
    The key to got it run on my system is: Start steam, start vorpx, pause vorpx, start dishonored launcher and immediateley resume vorpx.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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