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    Divinity II: Ego Draconis (G3D)

    Fixed for VorpX 21.3.1

    he game has received a completely new profile which will only work with the german (perhaps english too) retail game. It will not work with the Developers Cut from Steam !

    The game requires certain steps that VorpX can hook, please read below:

    Required Steps:
    – Make ingame settings first without VorpX, close game
    – Set desired resolution manually in graphicoptions.ini
    – Use Full Screen mode
    – Write protect graphicoptions.ini !
    – Set desktop exactly to your “ini resolution”
    – Start Game + Re-Select resulution ingame
    – THEN vorpX kicks in
    – If not ALT+TAB in/out once or load game and ALT/TAB afterwards
    – Optimized for Cinema Modes
    – Full VR available
    – Profile available at the cloud

    VorpX will not hook without those steps above ! you have to have to re-select resolution ingame each time your start the game. (Game doesnt read ini properly)


    Helper for Divinity2 and VorpX

    Whenever you are experiencing VorpX unhoocking during gameplay, which sadly happens in certain screens, you may use a tool that you can download from my website, which enables you by a single keypress to bring vorpX back in.

    Example: When klicking somehwhere in the Skill window, (Exception: dragging Spells to your Spellbar.) vorpX will loose focus on it and there is no way to bring it back. What you can do here is presing ESC once (or twice depending where you are) to exit the skill screen, (you will end up in the main menu) then press F12 to bring VorpX back in.

    Note: Do not use F12 for other functions during gameplay !
    Note: This method will not work during cut scenes

    At least it will make the game playable, 3D looks outstanding ! (HDR recommendend)


    Update: Ego Draconis: Developers Cut

    Surprise Surprise, the “F12 Trick” above enables us to play the Developers Cut (Steam) as well. No more hassle with settings, simply start the game and wait until after the first video, then press F12. Detailed instructions below:

    – Download Divinity_F12.exe from the link above
    – Put it anywhere on your HD
    – Start Devinity_F12.exe
    – Start Game
    – Wait for main menu or char crator window, then Press F12
    – When ever vorpX get kicked out, press ESC (example in videos or klicking in Skill menu), THEN press F12 to bring back game in HMD
    – Warning: Dont press F12 too often in a row or when game shows in HMD


    Additional Hints

    – On Win10 you need to run Devinity_F12.exe with admin rights
    – Emptying Folder “Skills” makes “F12” obselete for Skillwindow

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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