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    I was able to hook the game with the division 1 profile ..before starting the game i open task manager and end process for Lighting Services ( anti-cheat) and then start the game..game works well in immersive mode or full vr ( but in 3rd person of course) when i open the VorpX menu there is no option available for 3d settings
    ( NO: Geometry,Z-adaptive , Z-normal) But the game is officially hooked with vorpX.


    Btw i manually added a Division 1 .exe (from the division 1 profile i imported from the cloud game profiles) into the Main game files folder.


    greetings because of your post i bought vorpx but i cant manage to inject into division2 i used all lowest graphhic settings on division2. i shutdown lighthouse service in taskmanager. i also use pimax and did low settings there. with normal hooking method Nothing happens when i click on the division.exe copy of original division2.exe just renamed.. but however with alternative hooking metod it says hooking into division.exe but than game starts normal no vorpxwindow or Picture sent to my pimax! any ideas please ?




    There is no official profile for the game and I never tried it, so I can’t say anything specific.

    General hints:

    1. Always pay attention to the instructions/remarks that user profile authors may provide for their profiles, these instructions can often be vital for making a profile work correctly. They are displayed in the config app and in newer vorpX versions also in the top/left corner of the game window (provided vorpX can hook into the game).
    2. Hooking issues almost always are conflicts with other programs that also hook into games. The pinned trouble shooting guide on top of this sub-forum has more details on the matter. For online games there also is the possiblity that a game can’t be hooked because of an anti-cheat system.
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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