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    Ok… I am starting this project because I am so annyed those games in Steam that informs that it have VR support and after buying the game and few hours of hassle ending up to find from forums that VR support is dropped because it is not possible to run with DK2 motion tracking :/ or some other problems that cannot be solved…

    So I have wondered that I have got many games still Run on 1980×1080 in DK2 but there is no head tracking at all… :/ also looking up or down is unpossible even with controller because up and down is locked to avoid nausea in DK1..

    So my question is that has WorpX team ever got this in their minds? or am I the only person in the world that thinks there is a way to make DK2 emulated to DK1 and all old demos and full games like Kairo, Dream and many other would be playable with native support again! :) (with little bit of nausea without motion tracking of cource) but that would still be worth it!

    If VorpX team got something similar on their sleaves I will wait… if not, that is going to be loooong week with lots of red bull :D


    Future vorpX development will focus on supporting new games not making native DK1 demos/games work with the DK2. Although it would be nice to have every old demo working on DK2, I don’t think that there will be high demand for something like that to justify the effort.


    There is not mutch to do to get it to work…
    I am little confused that it aint native bacwards supported on OR drivers :/

    Sad thing is there are many games that are working with VR only with DK1 and porting those to DK2 is unpossible like old Unreal demos…
    And some other engines that cannot handle positional tracking at all :/

    Even I have bought many games that are now unplayable because no positional tracking support… only DK1 support with motion tracking… Majosr sad thing is that all those WORK in DK2 just tracking is missing :/ so we only need little progran that can emulate DK2 motion tracking to DK1 motion tracking and lets forget whole position trackin stuff…
    It will work!


    You are right though…. that would also make lazy devs to think that there is no need to make more work to get better VR experience… :/


    I’m perfectly fine with vorpX focusing on supporting new games but if you can make a DK1 Emulator, Finlander, I think that’d be awesome! I’d love to help if I can. I have a CS degree but I’m quite out of practice.

    How’s the project going BTW? Feel free to ping me if you’d like help or bounce ideas.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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