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    Hello, I have a oculus DK2 and a vive. I am having problems in starting my games using vorpx in dk2.

    I installed the last version of oculus that is not compatible with the dk2 and when I lunch vorpx and I lunch the game, the game starts on my pc but not on my head set.

    How can I make vorpx work with the dk2?

    What runtime do I need for dk2 for having vorpx work ?



    if I run vorpx on runtime 0.8, this is the error message I get


    Is that possible that I am a pay user and the support for vorpx is this horrible with no help whatsoever ?


    vorpX only works with the latest version of the Oculus software, regardless whether you use a DK2 or a CV1. You cannot use any outdated (since a year) beta runtimes.

    You can install the latest Oculus software using the link below. Make sure to uninstall the beta runtime before you install the final version.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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