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    I have tried several games that are on the support list, F1 2012, Skyrim, as well as Outlast. I’ve responded to several topics hoping for a response but there doesn’t seem to be any, so I thought I’d create my own thread.

    I can’t get headtracking with any of them, and I have even tried using Opentrack, but nothing seems to work. I want to set the rift input as the analogue stick on the controller to look around, but I can’t figure out how to do that, and I didn’t see anything in the settings. Or I couldn’t figure it out.

    My system specs are.
    Runtime 0.4.x (not sure but I know it’s 4)
    i7 4790k Win 7 64
    GTX 780 ti 3gb
    16gb ram, if that’s important.

    Other Rift games, like Windlands, and Radial G, work great. I also had some head and positional tracking, in Dirt 3, DCS, and War Thunder, although it was extremely laggy.

    I did get GTA to run but like F1, and Skyrim, there is no head or positional tracking. Other than that, the 3D is great and the visuals are nice, I just can’t figure out how to get head tracking working.

    Thanks for any support.


    Skyrim (maybe Outlast too): If you have a gamepad attached to your PC, please make sure to disable it in the game options. Skyrim disables the mouse when a gamepad is enabled, which also disables vorpX’s head tracking.

    You will still be able to use your gamepad through the built in gamepad emulation in vorpX.

    If that doesn’t work, please make sure that no other program is accessing your Rift at the same time. This might even be a crashed one. if in doubt, reboot your PC.

    For games without a mouselook function (like many racing games) things are a bit more complicated:

    One option is OpenTrack, the other option to emulate a gamepad axis with the vorpX head tracking. The first option is the better one, simulating a gamepad has a few drawbacks.

    A. OpenTrack compatible with DK2:

    B. Head tracking as gamepad

    1. Press [DEL] to open the in-game menu
    2. Go to Input page
    3. Set ‘Handle Gamepads Internally’ to Off
    4. Set ‘Headtracking as Gamepad’ to Relative or Absolute depending on the game. You should get a grasp of what is better quickly.
    5. Map the emulated ‘gamepad’ to the look around functions in the game you want to play. Do not leave this step out, it’s vital!

    The options below this should be more or less self explanatory except maybe Deadzone Correction, which efectively eliminates analog stick deadzones set by the game.

    Now you are able to look around in your cockpit. The view has to be centered from time to time because of possible yaw drift (should be greatly reduced with an calibrated magnetometer). There is a shortcut for centering.


    I tried that in F1 2012, turning off internal gamepad handling, however that didn’t make any difference. Though I will try Outlast and F1 again after a reboot to see if it works.

    One thing I can’t figure out is how to emulate the look functions of the rift, it’s inputs, to be handled by the game. Perhaps a more in depth tutorial, or video if possible, showing how to do that?

    I did get some headtracking in Dirt, but it was laggy and needed to be recentered quite frequently, but that was before trying Vorpx, after installing Vorpx I haven’t been able to get any headtracking in the supported games, even with Opentrack.

    I apologize if all this is easy stuff, I’m just new to everything and learning as I go. Thanks.


    An update, I was just able to get some headtracking in F1 2012, however it was super laggy and only updated once every few seconds. I’ve looked over the previous posts regarding head tracking and nothing seems to fix the lag. When F1 isn’t running, there is no lag with Opentrack. Games like Windlands run with no lag at all. Is there something I am missing that you can think of?

    Also, apologies for the double post, I didn’t see an edit feature.

    I was actively tinkering and I was able to get brief tracking on Z-Normal, with headtracking on, with Opentrack running, if I turned it off headtracking went away. The gamepad was relative or absolute, don’t remember which and I haven’t noticed a difference between the two. I was still able to look around with the analog stick and I did have head tracking as well, though like I said, it was super laggy.

    If you would like screenshots of my settings, I can do that.


    Sorry for a triple post, but I some how got it working and I have no idea how I did.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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