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    I’ve got several games working well but the thing that keeps bugging me is that to start he games I have to set the Rift to be primary monitor. Since I can’t see the screen well enough in Rift, I have to close one eye to figure out where my windows are. Dragging Steam to the secondary is possible but tricky. Is the desktop supposed to render as 3d for the rift? If not, I can live with it but it is a bit disorienting. Just wanting to know whether I missed a step.

    Rift set to primary monitor (landscape flipped) in Win 8.1 Nvidia GTX 680 (with and without SLI)


    The option you chose is the most compatible one, but for many games a more convenient setup also works. Simply set the DK2 as secondary display and then choose “Show only on Rift DK2” in the display selection box of the vorpX config app.

    With this configuration vorpX tries to force games to the Rift. Just be aware that this does not work for all games, so in some cases you will still have to fall back to the configuration you use now.


    That was my initial attempt but it never forces to the rift. It renders on my other screen regardless.

    Thanks for your reply!


    Some tips:

    You can quickly move an active window to another montitor with Win+Shift+Left/right arrow.

    You can also hover over the taskbar icon until the apps preview pops up, right click on the preview and select ‘move’, then tap an arrow key and the window will be locked to the cursor, dag it where you want.

    Check out this app: , the instuctions are on that site, but the download link is broken – google for it and find a safe site to grab it from. IT will allow you to set up a hotkey to quick switch which is your primary monitor.

    I’d love to hear any other tricks people are using.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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