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    I would like to read the documentation of the stereo 3D settings, but can’t find anything.

    “Depth weighting (far – near)” seems to be do the opposite it says. In some games it doesn’t change anything at all. Without knowing what these settings actually do in detail it’s trial and error.

    For example in “Dragon Age: Inquisition” I would like to bring closer things closer to me, so that they actually pop out of the screen. This worked in “Dragon Age 2”. But now the settings seem to behave very differently.

    Generally there is too much relative depth “change” in the distant objects in “DAI”: The close hill seems far away, the mountain in the distance is very far away and the sky is immensly far away. This makes no sense, in real life there is almost no difference between mountain and sky.

    Close objects on the other hand don’t show much difference in depth. That’s very sad, because it should be the other way around. It seems like the Z-buffer in “DAI” is working very differently and has to be rescaled.

    Or if that’s not possible, there should be settings that deal with this issue. I guessed that “Z-buffer adaptive” were meant to do this trick, but I was not successful to do it.

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