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    Hey guys,

    In an update it was listed that Sekiro’s got a “3DHUD” and didnt know if that meant the HUD was adjustable. Im doing a playthru with the 1st person mod and just need the HUD squeezed in a little tighter to see items and health bar and then the experience will pretty much be 100% solid. It runs great if anyone wanted to try it – ive been using Oculus Tray Tool with auto to 45 FPS with timewarp and game runs pretty much smooth as silk if you set your graphics right for your pc, i definitely recommend you guys try it.

    -Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: G3D/Z3D, Immersive Screen Mode, 3D HUD

    But ya, was curious if any way to squeeze the HUD in and if that is what 3DHUD meant or not.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for the solid Sekiro profile, Ralf! It runs great and the depth is awesome, you nailed it on this one, so thanks for getting that up and running cause play in these first person sword fights is fantastic, thanks for your work!

    Please dont stop anytime soon – plenty more games i want Vorpxed on the horizon :P lol

    Thanks for any help in this department though, everyone. Take care


    You can change the HUD size and depth on the image page of the vorpX menu. Whenever a resizable HUD is available you can also change the horizontal size independently there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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