Does anyone use Head Tracking in Edgepeek mode to control the mouse?

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    I am finding it very difficult to control the mouse in Witcher 1 with Vorpx because of the camera sensitivity settings, and am wondering if other games work well with using a mouse in Edgepeek mode. The only method I have been able to accomplish using my mouse with Head Tracking in Witcher 1 is by changing the mouse settings in Windows every time I activate/deactivate Edgepeek.


    You can adjust the mouse sensitivity so that it feels comfortable to use for you in menus and then on the head tracking page of the vorpX ingame lower the head tracking sensitivity so that head tracking feels comfortable in the game.

    That way you will have decent mouse speed in menus and natural head tracking in the game.


    Thanks Ralf. I wasn’t clear with my description of the problem. The Camera Sensitivity in Witcher 1 is turned all the way down and head tracking sensitivity is at .4. The camera sensitivity settings (for First Person View) is so sensitive that HT sensitivity has to be turned down extremely low. Thus the HT isn’t even close to being able to navigate the menus in the game while simultaneously playing in First Person mode. I don’t see a solution for this game in particular other than giving us the ability to adjust the HT sensitivity in Edgepeek mode.

    For other games too, I believe the HT sensitivity settings need to be exactly right in Edgepeek mode in order to relieve some of the frustration with attempting to balance the sensitivity settings. It might just need a little adjustment in most games compared to First Person View, but it could be far less frustrating if the HT moved the mouse at a slightly different speed while navigating menus in Edgepeek mode.

    If this isn’t really an issue in other games, I understand. I am attempting to play this game completely by voice commands, so I am forced to use HT to navigate the menus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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