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    I am having a hard time getting any game to have a good 3d effect and/or issues with FOV. I know there are a lot of settings to play with and I have done tons of experimenting. There have been a couple games that look/perform ok.

    My question is, can your monitor type or size have an impact on how effective vorpx is with a game? Or is that completely independent?

    I have a 47 inch flat screen tv that is at least 6 or 7 years old that I use for my gaming monitor. Could that be possibly holding me back on a better vorpx experience?


    No, the monitor does not come into the equation at all. All the work is done by the computer.
    Worst case scenario it might give you some trouble with custom resolutions, but that’s it.


    I would say yes because if your monitor can not display the custom resolution you have set up, you wont be able to start your game (becasue you cant see the desktop).


    If you can add a custom resolution to the display driver, you can always set the desktop to the desired resolution first for games that limit their max res to the current desktop resolution. Luckily not all games do that though. I think most, definitely most newer ones, allow to set the resolution freely from the list of resolutions available on the system.

    Still a rather annoying pitfall for affected games when it comes to using custom resolutions for sure. Not everyone might be aware that they can deal with such games by changing the desktop res.

    BTW: vorpX has the ability to return a higher desktop res than the one actually set when a game queries it, but that is only unlocked on a game per game basis in cases where I’m sure it doesn’t cause any trouble.


    You can simply turn on the pc with no monitor whatsoever and just plug-in the hmd, if your hmd allows it, then you’ll get only the native resolutions for your hmd and you won’t even have to add custom resolutions.


    Year but how will you start vorpX ;-)


    There’re two points that allow you to set up good 3D in VORPX:
    1 – Fov in the game itself, must match Fov to the size of the virtual screen!
    For example. If the game Fov is set to 75 degrees, and the Fov of the virtual screen is 90-100, you will see image distortions when the camera is rotated. (The so-called fisheye) This also negatively affects the stereo 3D effect.
    2 – The settings necessary for high-quality 3D have a number of not entirely clear limitations. I wrote about this several times earlier in other posts.
    I can only advise the most simple and optimal way to get the right 3D:
    Use only Direct VR mode. Reduce the size of the virtual screen to a minimum. So,the screen Fov will be equal to the Fov in the game itself. Then, adjust the 3D intensity slider to your liking.


    Reviving an older thread for an add-on question: which monitor should I buy? For VorpX, is there any reason to prefer 4K resolution at 60Hz, or lower resolution at higher (144Hz) refresh rate?

    My thinking is VorpX works best (easiest) when the game runs fullscreen at monitor resolution, right? But monitor refresh rate has no effect on VorpX? So a higher resolution monitor gives you more options, as you can easily run it at any lower resolution to suit a particular game. Or does a 60Hz monitor interact with VorpX somehow?


    when the game runs fullscreen at monitor resolution, right?

    No, some games, Unity ones for instance, need to be run in windowed mode.


    When VSYNC is turned off (either in-game or through the driver) the FPS is completely de-coupled. However it’s not always possible to de-couple resolution. In theory the monitor refresh rate should be less important than resolution.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about either though, unless you have some odd monitor that has issues with custom resolutions. At most you will need to change the resolution prior to starting the game.

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