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    Hi, i recently installed vorpx. Since i installed vorpx i can’t open any vr game on my vive anymore. when i put on the glasses i can see the “this is real” text and the moon etc. but it does not respond when i push the steam button, the desktop button ore the vive button. i can go to settings, i can alter the volume and that’s about it. When i try to start the game in steam on my normal monitor, klicking “play in vr”, the game opens in a window on my monitor but i can’t see it on my headset. when i move the headset, i see the game moving on my monitor. i also get a red message in steam vr saying (“name of the game” does not respond). direct mode is enabled, device selection is set to HTC Vive, tried to exit vorpx, even reinstalled windows but no change. i am running win 7, 2x gtx 1080 (sli disabled for the moment) any ideas?


    vorpX doesn’t do anything when it is not running. Let alone after uninstalling it or reinstalling Windows. It’s just a normal program that hooks into games when you start them while it is active. If inactive (or uninstalled), it does nothing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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