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    I’m using the latest version of VorpX. Before I had VorpX change the resolution of the game, I set the draw distance to max. Then I had VorpX do its thing and change the resolution so it fits my OG Vive.

    Does VorpX only change the resolution or does it change other settings? Draw distance seems relatively low, stuff like bushes and even ingame entities pop in. It’s an old game though so max draw distance from 2007 doesn’t mean the same thing as 2021.


    Nothing draw distance releated is changed. Just the resolution and the dialog FOV. The game always had fairly severe pop-ins. It only loads a certain amount of ‘grids’ at once, no matter how high you set the draw distance.

    There is an .ini setting named ‘uGridsToLoad’ or something similar that allows you to load more grids. Heavily impacts performance and memory consumption though, so be careful. If memory serves right 9 was what I settled for back in the day, beyond that the game supposedly becomes unstable. Probably earlier with mods that add more objects to the scenery.


    Thanks for the tips Ralf!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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