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    I’m having trouble with this like I’ve never had trouble with VorpX before. I know it isn’t officially supported, but there are loads of people online who are saying they have got this working with VorpX and got it working well.

    The problem is that every profile I download makes me feel like I am going cross-eyed. Gives me real eye-strain. I don’t know why when every other VorpX title works well.

    I’m thinking it is a setting that I’m not tinkering with. Anybody any ideas?



    That’s because Much like the New Wolfenstein games, Doom is running on current OpenGL and Vulkan – neither of witch vorpX supports yet.

    Only older OpenGL titles (up until the last Amnesia as I’ve heard) can work properly in 3D.

    I tried Doom a couple years ago, and it was as you described, real eye-strain. Seems like there were more posts about this from earlier this year. Some claimed it’s better now, but I haven’t checked for myself. I have my doubts though unless we hear further from Ralf.

    If nothing else, you could disable 3D and see if playing 2D is any fun.


    Just tried this myself and it is pretty bad. The claims that Doom works in G3D with Vorpx are false.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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