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    Dragon Age Inquisition

    So, I installed vorpX, and turned off Origin’s in game features, but it won’t hook, or even try to. Tested Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 and they hooked no issue. Uninstalled inquisition, deleted leftover files, and then had a fresh install of the game, and get the same results- the game launches fine but VorpX Ignores it. Tried windowed mode and full screen and neither work. It is listed as a vorpX supported game so I am looking for advice as to how to get it to work (the FAQs and beginners guides did not really help here)

    Additionally, the vorpX desktop viewer doesn’t hook either, which is really weird. What can I check to get that feature to work?

    Using a Valve Index as a headset with index controllers.

    Thanks :)


    Sounds like a conflict with some other program on your PC that causes issues with DX11. You can find more detailed information on the matter in the pinned trouble shooting post on top of this sub forum.

    Apart from that: when you ALT-TAB out of the game while it is still running, you should see a vorpX dialog on your desktop that after a while says something like „attaching to… This seems to take a while…“ and then offers to install a hook helper. Try that, it might help without getting to the bottom on the issue. If not you will have to find out what causes the conflict.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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