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    For stereoscopic view you can use reshade with desktop view of vorpx:
    1- Download and install reshade from https://reshade.me/
    2- Apply reshade on Dragonbal FighterZ (DBFighterZ.exe), use DirectX 11 and install Depth3D (SuperDepth3D) shader.
    3 – Add DBFighterZ.exe to excluded programs on vorpx.
    4 – Start vorpx desktop mode.
    5 – Start DBFighterZ (maybe you need to change from window to get it shown on vorpx).
    6 – Configure reshade, Home to access menu, select SuperDepth3D shader, you will see a Side by Side view.
    7 – On vorpx menu (del to access), on Image Settings tab, goto to Stereo Type and change to Side by Side.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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