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    Did some fixes of extreme color banding bug of Dragon’s Dogma with VorpX which happens for some VR helmets cause of their technical issue (Elite Dangerous, IL-2 gamers do know what i mean). Like mine Oculus Rift CV1 makes the game awful in the nights or any dark places, night sky too. But this fix is a part of my graphics modification of the game, so performance is worse due to effects applied (but you can disable any of them or download visual presets made for this game by other users). Don’t forget to configure VorpX properly for the game, it do not work well with geometry stereo mode (invalid shadows). I tested all features of my mod and everything seems work right with VorpX, so i decided to come here to share this information, game is cool and worth attention of VR gamers.

    Don’t know if links allowed here, so google “ENBSeries 0.476 for Dragon’s Dogma” to get that graphics mod from my site. In the enblocal.ini file from there add parameter to [FIX] category named ApplyDarknessDitheringVR=true or start the game and it will be created itself and in internal editor can toggle it real time. This one removes banding, but primary fix is hardcoded and always on.

    Btw, if developer(s) of the VorpX read this, you may add in future versions detection of ENBVorpX var which i exported just in case to check if it’s fully compatible and not need to notify users about unknown d3d9.dll in the game folder.


    Hey, nice to read you here in the forum !

    I ve been using d3d8to9 quite a lot with VorpX as you may have noticed going through the Profile cloud. From here, thanks for providing this great dll to the world !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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