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    I know this is way out there, but is there any way to disable the right analog stick up and down functions on the Xbox 360 controller? Every one using the Rift uses the controller for ease of use and almost all of the games support it. Disabling the controller from allowing you to look up and down and only allowing the head tracking to would be huge bonus for immersion and control. I have no clue how windows controls joysticks but if you can add this as a feature to VorpX it would give you a huge advantage over the competition, thanks for the consideration Ralph!


    Agreed – would be nice (for any input type) to disable up/down optionaly: with eg Oblivion it is irritating to have this movement both with rift and the mouse. Makes it also harder to aim anything with a bow or a spell.

    Would be better to have only left/right with mouse (or xbox360 controller, …) for movement, and looking up/down only with the rift.

    Or is it already possible and I missed it?

    Besides: thanks to Ralf for this driver (I know developers get mostly feedback for the bad things, not the good things …) – keep on with the good work!


    For gamepad input (when the internal gamepad emulation is used) this will be included in the next version. Doing it for mouse input might not be possible, but I’ll think about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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