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    Please help, I am using a dk2 with laptop now (win7 64, rift runtime 0.4.4,gtx 870m nvidia optimus)
    I set the rift runtime to extend mode and got team fortresses2 running under steam correctlly.

    now the problem is I run Vorpx 0.75 and then start skyrim @ 1080p, it bounced back and indicating the resolution is not supported, please change the resolution. i tried differet res, including the window mode, only the 800*600 under fullscreen mode works.
    however the image is 90 degree flipped. I tried to pre flip the extended screen or set the rift as the main displayer and none of these works.(I used tridef 3d a few weeks ago, is that a possible cause?)

    I then try battle field 4, every time I click the “join server”, it indicates “direct 11 dll error”, I can enter the game normally once I turned off vorpx.

    and advice? please.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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