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    Today i managed to get dying light working beautifully. It is still in z buffer but the quality is far superior to any other profile i have tested. I would say it is as good as the built in vr the game has but with a lot of the customization vorp x offers.

    It is a must try for anyone who enjoys this game. Im sure someone out there could make this even better, my knowledge is very limited but here is a guide to what i know so far.

    Step 1: Call your boss, you are going to need at least a week off for this!

    Step 2: Download the profile off the cloud, the description says Must try!

    Step 3: Make sure your screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 or less before starting the game, il explain further later on.

    Step 4: Start the game.

    Field of view can be altered in a file located in… Documents\DyingLight\out\settings
    The file name is video.scr
    Open it with notepad and edit the value of ExtraGameFov(60.00) to suit your liking. 60 is what i have it set on for full vr or about 50 for cinema mode (which looks outstanding!)

    The biggest problem iv found so far is that if you go over 1920 x 1080 there is no 3d effect at all. It could be that is my monitors native resolution. I don’t have one with a higher res to test it out.

    Something that may or may not work is altering the super sampling in steam vr. Once vorp x hooks to the exe it becomes available in the applications list in steam vr settings where you can alter the SS levels. I can’t say for sure if it helps but it seems to a little for me. Maybe someone can fix the resolution problem.



    dying light has a build in VR native feature.

    i dont know if it still works but when i tried it was working great minus HUD which was too close to be really usable.


    Yup but if you have tried it you will know that it is extremely vomit inducing due to the way the head tracking works. It also has no ability to be modified unlike with vorp x. The only reason i was actually messing with this game and vorp x was because id tried the built in vr and couldn’t handle it.

    Another thing is vorp x cinema mode. Personally i feel it is where vorp x shines and this game in particular looks amazing in that mode.


    Nice, which profile did you use? I was trying for some Z over a year ago but had no luck.


    I think it was just cause 3 that was the base for this one. I tested many many profiles and most of them were mediocre at best. I was almost ready to go back to the base VR vomit fest when i found this one.


    @CFodder very good, only the field of view is very limited, a little better if you use image zoom 0.80


    It has been a while since i have played this one but from memory the fov can be adjusted in a file.

    I went and googled it, have a look at this link, you should be able to make the fov what ever value you want.

    How to increase the FOV beyond the maximum setting.
    by u/tboi07 in dyinglight

    EDIT: Oh i see i already mentioned this in my first post. Was there a limitation on this method?


    @CFodder Changing the FOV did not work, nothing changed. Have FOV even set to 90.00. Please check that again.

    “>Picture 1

    “>Picture 2


    That is weird. I don’t have it installed at the moment but i remember the fov adjustment worked because i went way overboard with it at one point. Im sorry i can’t help more but i have simply forgotten how to adjust this one. If i get some spare time i will revisit this and see if i can find an answer.


    Would be great if you have a solution. Killing zombies is fun


    I just installed it and tested and the above method worked fine. When it was set at 90 it was like being in a fish bowl and i could see my feet the whole time. Some what humorous but sickening. For me, 50 is great for cinema and 60 for full vr seems good.

    Im guessing you have probably already tried this but if not you could try backing up your current video.scr file and then making a new one, copying the above text as the contents.
    I honestly don’t see that working because it’s only really graphics settings but its worth a shot.
    The other thing i thought it may be is a permissions issue. Other than that im not sure sorry.


    I receive this error when I start the game: resizebuffers failed 0x887a0001


    I know this is an old post but I just want to give it a thumbs up and thanks.
    Your ZBuffer profile is by far one of the best I’ve seen; gives G3D profiles a run for their money and then some. In fact, I doubt I’d bother with a G3D for this game since this one works so well and ZBuffer is so much faster.
    As for the resolution, I think Vorpx improvements must have fixed that issue.
    Either way, my Quest2 doesn’t get noticeably better with resolutions above 1280×1040 and it looks outstanding at that res so better to use the GPU for detail and distance rather than just more “dots”.

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