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    I’ve been trying to submit constant request to Easy Anti-Cheat about whitelisting VorpX.
    almost every game i play seem to use EAC..I noticed there have been a few people in the forum that said they did reach out(EAC replied Back) to them but they never contacted anyone from Vorpx.Is there a specific email to contact eac? Because im willing to harass them until they put VorpX on their whitelist..


    Agreed that this type of thing is absurd. First, people who really want to cheat will always find their ways around it. All this type of thing does is make life difficult for persons who are legitimately trying to make their games better.

    There is also a tremendous level of hypocrisy as the playing-field is inherently uneven anyway. Ask them if having better hardware and software is ‘cheating’ in their eyes, and then suggest that they demand that all players have exactly the same hardware and software setup on every machine. “What, your rig has a 5% faster CPU? Cheating! Newer GPU? Cheating! Keyboard and Mouse controls? Cheating! Good keyboard vs. bad keyboard? Cheating!”

    In the end, I’m convinced these companies don’t really give two-flying-squirrels about actually having an even competition, because that’s nearly impossible. Look at how the racing-sim companies like Polyphony Digital run their ‘become a real racer’ competition. 100% identical hardware and software for every competitor. No, I think most studios just want to cover-their-bums; implement this type of thing and they can say “look, we use xyz Anti-Cheat, so we are doing our best to prevent cheating.”


    Last thing Ive read from Ralf was that he had back and forth with EAC team and its basically up to him to provide them with some things they need to whitelist vorpx, but he didnt explain how long it would take, is he willing to share what they ask etc.

    Long story short – no luck.


    Won’t happen. vorpX hooks too deep into the graphics pipeline. Basically all 3d functionality (even more so the memory scanner) can be misused for creating cheats.


    need this for Dead by Daylight. Will give one leg


    You need stereo rendering for both eyes so it’d take both legs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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