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    https://www.dxx-rebirth.com/ is another Descent 1/2 source port which already has stereoscopic display support, could VorpX leverage that?

    The source code is at:

    Build instructions:

    Build environment on windows:

    Install pre-requisites:
    pacman -S gcc pkgconf scons SDL SDL_image SDL_mixer libpng physfs

    Compile with stereoscopic support:

    Run with stereoscopic support:
    d1x-rebirth.exe -gl_stereo

    In this mode, the game will render in a vertical split-screen, if that output is fed into VorpX, it just might work?


    There is a regular profile for D2X-XL, which works fine.

    If you still want to try dxx-rebirth:

    I uploaded a general purpose SBS 3D base profile to the cloud. Should work with pretty much anything that has native SBS (or Over-Under) 3D output.

    1. Download the ‘SBS 3D Base [vorpX]’ profile from the Cloud Profiles page in the config app.
    2. Switch to the Local Profiles page and make a copy of the downloaded base profile
    3. Assign d1x-rebirth.exe to the copy.

    Caveat: There is no 100% guarantee that creating profiles that way works. I briefly checked the regular non-stereo dx1-rebirth with the profile, which seemed to work when run windowed. Freezed on launch in fullscreen mode though.


    Nice to see that people still play D1/D2 :-)

    @Ralf , have you tested that SBS Profile with dxx-rebirth ?

    PS: I also have an SBS OpenGL profile for “Stereo Photo Maker” on the cloud,
    which may work with “-gl_stereo” too.
    Not shure if its different to “SBS 3D Base [vorpX]”, just wanted to mention it.

    … could be interesting to test openGl games in general with “-gl_stereo” and those profiles. Some may even support that without having us told ;-)


    Just a little hint, there are quite some games providing SBS, one i have tested tonight with the SBS VorpX Profile worked right away https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/polynormal/ .
    You may search for “-gl_stereo” gamelist on Google.



    I don’t think there is much of a difference to any prior profiles you got working with SBS 3D.

    Was just a bit difficult to find a base profile with SBS input enabled. The general purpose SBS profile is mainly intended to make that easier. Works with all supported APIs, i.e. DX9-12, as well as OpenGL.


    Thanks, without reply notifications I missed all your replies :)

    Got it to work, thanks much for the instructions @Ralf.

    A question on SBS:
    Is there a reason SBS options aren’t available by default in VorpX in-game menu on the Image Settings tab?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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